Halloween Homicide

Halloween Homicide
Halloween Homicide returns in 2014 with a brand new mystery!  It’s up to you to be the detective, collect the clues, and solve the murder!   Explore Circle of Ash in a dimly lit environment with your flashlight to locate clues, interview mystery players, and try to figure out who is here to help – or hinder – your quest to solve the murder.  You have as much time as you need (or until we close for the night) to gather the clues. NOTE:  This event takes place in set lighting, so it will be dark inside, but this is NOT a “scary” show.  No one will jump out at you (except maybe your friends), and the major attraction props are disabled.  This is a great show to bring someone who is too scared of our normal haunt!  This haunt may not be suitable for children due to the graphic nature of a homicide mystery and mildly graphic images used as evidence.
Scare Factor: 2 Skulls!

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