Attraction Rules

Haunted Attraction Rules & Behaviors

Circle of Ash tries our very best to operate an attraction that is fun, safe and enjoyable for the general public.  We can only accomplish this with cooperation from you, our guests!  Violation of any of these rules can cause immediate ejection without refund from the park, so please help us keep everyone safe by following these simple rules while at Circle of Ash.

  • No Smoking.  Smoke is not a fun thing to be around, it's bad for everyone's health, and since our attraction caters to all audiences, including children and young adults, we ask that you respectfully refrain from smoking while on site at Circle of Ash.  In addition to the heath benefits of a smoke free environment, a risk of fire is always present with improperly discarded cigarettes, and we would like to keep the safety of our guests our top concern.  Electronic cigarettes are permitted ONLY in designated areas and cannot be used in line, in any attraction, or in common public spaces.
  • Watch your step!  Inside all attractions you will be exposed to uneven surfaces, extruded flooring, flooring of varying materials, damp conditions, bridges, crosswalks, moving floors, special effects, and all sorts of other things that can cause you to lose your footing.  Outside of the attractions is a natural field and it does contain uneven areas.  PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP AND MOVE SLOWLY.
  • Do not participate if you suffer from certain medical conditions: Asthma, Heart Conditions, Panic/Anxiety Attacks, Seizures, or any other medical condition that would make it difficult for you to maintain control and manage your safety while in our attractions.
  • Do not run!  People tend to hurt themselves the most while running.
  • Do not use your phones while in an attraction.  Using your phone while inside an attraction is rude to the other guests in your group, and it makes it much more likely that you will LOSE your phone.  If a cast member sees you using a phone, you will be asked to put it away, and you could possibly be ejected from the park if you do not cooperate.  Phone use includes calls, texting, video and photography, flashlights, etc.
  • No Open Flame / Fireworks / Combustibles.  You know those warnings that only exist because someone did it?  Open flames in a haunted attraction are EXCEEDINGLY DANGEROUS.  Fireworks and other combustibles are strictly banned, and use of them will result in arrest.
  • No Fighting.  We shouldn't even have to say this.
  • Food & Drink are acceptable in the Crow Creek town square.  Food and drink are not allowed inside of any of the attractions.
  • Follow instructions of all cast members, security & event personnel. 
  • Don't touch us & we won't touch you.  Also, don't touch props, sets or scenes, either.
  • No video, photography, or audio recording inside of the attractions.  This includes go-pro, cell phone videos, etc.  Feel free to take as many pictures and video as you like in our Crow Creek town square area.
  • No Weapons are allowed.  Leave the security to us and our on site officers & sheriffs. We fully respect and honor your right to carry, we simply ask you to please leave your weapons in your vehicle.