Your admission to Circle of Ash gives you all-night access to the following attractions and features:

Circle of Ash - Our indoor themed haunted house with an additional outdoor experience!

Frightmare Forest - Our revival of the true outdoor haunted house. This spooky walk in the woods will try it's best to keep you lost, forever!

Pandemonium - Our newest concept - try to find your way out of Pandemonium.  Don't make a wrong turn, you'll never find your way out!

Crow Creek - Our common area featuring bon fires, places to sit and hang out, concessions, merchandise, and so much more!


In addition to all the above, the following attractions are available for a small additional fee:

Journey's End - Our "you go alone" coffin ride that allows you to experience your own funeral!

Rigged - The higher you go the farther you fall.  Experience our newest elevator ride.

Shafted - Explore the caverns under Crow Creek... but first you have to survive the trip down!

Halloween Homicide - The citizens of Crow Creek need help solving a murder!  Purchase a Halloween Homicide investigation kit for your whole group and turn your Circle of Ash visit into a fun game, too!