F. A. Q.

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Is it scary?

YES, it’s scary!  We work hard year round to develop a fun, safe, and scary Halloween event, and we strive to give you what you paid for.  Unfortunately, not everyone will allow themselves to let go and have some fun being scared, so we try to entertain those individuals in other ways.  You may scream, laugh, shield your eyes, or any number of things… but we hope you leave ENTERTAINED.

Do I need to wear anything special?

Our attractions contain both indoor and outdoor elements, so please dress for the weather and wear shoes that are appropriate.  While our topsoil is very sandy and rarely muddy, it can be a bit soft after heavy rains.  Wear footwear that covers your foot (open toed shoes are not recommended).  Wear clothing that will protect you from the environment - we make our best efforts to ensure the outdoor paths are clear of obstacles and vegetation, but we are in a forest, so nature is always present.

How long does it take to go through?

Our typical response to this question is: "It depends how fast you run."  In all honesty, this is a terribly difficult question to answer.  Since all of our attractions (with the exceptions of the rides) are self-guided walk through mazes, you're in control of how long it really takes!  Beginning in 2016, we are introducing a scream park experience which will allow you to go through each maze as much as you can on the night you attend!  We've designed our attraction to be a destination where you can stay as long or as little as you like, so it's really up to you.

If you have purchased a general admission ticket, plan on going through all three attractions, and come on a busy late-season night, expect your time with us to be on the order of HOURS, not minutes.  If you have places to be and other things to do on the night you attend, you can minimize your time with us by attending an early season night, purchasing a VIP/FAST PASS, and ensuring you arrive before we open our doors.

Your experience through any given attraction will be longer if you take the time to enjoy the attraction and all the details we put into it, interact with the staff and characters, and walk slowly!  Your times may be inadvertently extended if you are caught and trapped by one of the monsters, make the wrong choices when navigating a maze, or get lost in one of our real mazes!

Our monsters like to scare you, and if you run through the entire maze with your eyes shut, your experience will be unnecessarily short!  TAKE YOUR TIME AND PLAY WITH US!

What happens if I’m too scared to get through?

In the highly likely event that you cannot make it though the attraction, simply tell any of the cast members that you would like to immediately exit the attraction.  They will help you find security personnel and assist you out of the attraction and back into the Crow Creek town square where you can wait for your friends and family.

What is the Scream Park and how does it work?

Circle of Ash now offers a scream park experience!  You purchase a wristband, and that wristband gets you access to each of the major attractions on the property.  Think of it more like a Six Flags or Adventureland model.  Unlike other attractions, we allow and encourage you to go through each of the attractions as much as you can on the night you attend!   We want to ensure that everyone that purchases a ticket gets to experience the three attractions at least once, so make sure you pay attention to the signage for each attraction, and make sure you get in the right line!  Our "second chance" lines close 1/2 hour prior to closing to ensure everyone gets a chance to go through, and we will make sure you have the opportunity before you leave for the night.

What other vendors do you have at the attraction?

Currently, we offer concessions on Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as Tarot card readings on most evenings.  Concessions and readings are additional fees and are independent vendors hand picked by Circle of Ash to ensure quality, so please support them!

Is it appropriate for my kids?

Circle of Ash tries to deliver a show that is appropriate for PG-13 audiences.

What is the maximum group size that can go into the attraction together?

We try our best to keep your group together when you visit Circle of Ash.  Large groups, unfortunately, must usually be split into smaller sizes to get the best experience for everyone.  As such, we try to keep group sizes around 6 people.  Exceptions are made for 7 people…  but groups of 8 or more are almost always broken into two smaller groups.  You can help us by deciding WHO you want to go through with BEFORE you get to the admission gate.

Will the actors touch me?

The acting staff is specifically trained to invade your personal bubble without touching you.  However, things happen in dark, tight spaces and you may indeed experience an accidental brush with an actor.  Some scenes require voluntary physical interaction with the cast, however those interactions will not be unexpected.  We will touch you for an additional, appropriate charge.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards at the door.   We also accept cash and bank issued cashiers checks.  Online payments are processed through Stripe.  Credit Cards at the gate are processed with Square.

Do you offer group or corporate rates?

Groups of 20 or more people qualify for group rates, but you must pre-register.  You may mail personal or business checks 10 days in advance of your attendance, or you may pay via cash/credit card/cashiers check on site the day of your visit.  ALL GROUPS MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE.  To register, visit our online ticketing system.

I lost my Phone/Camera/Wallet/Sunglasses/Purse/etc in the attraction.  Can you go look for it for me?

Sorry, we cannot stop the show and look for your lost item.  Our actors are always on the lookout for lost items, and when found they will be brought to the ticket booth.  You may return the next operating night to claim your items.  We will also ship your items to you, but you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges.

It’s raining/snowing outside.  Will you still be open?

YES!  In fact, coming during the rain or snow might just be one of the best times to visit our attraction.  Sure, you may get a little bit wet, but you are likely to have to wait less.  Bring an umbrella and wear appropriate shoes, though, as our attraction is build outdoors.  We will shutter the event for inclement weather - for example when lightning or a tornado is present, and this decision is made by management as soon as we are notified by NOAA of dangerous conditions.  If the weather passes during our normal operating hours, we will inspect the attraction and reopen once our safety requirements are passed.

What kind of special effects are in use?

Our attraction uses strobe lights, fog and other atmospheric effects, loud sounds, scents and smells, lasers, projections, black lights, and dark areas.  We also have areas of uneven floors, ramps, and extruded flooring surfaces.   A microwave may be in use on the premise at any given time.

Are you handicap accessible?

YES!  We pride ourselves in building attractions that are accessible to everyone, but please be aware of the following:  We've made every effort to ensure that our attraction is accessible to everyone.  The haunt is constructed to allow for this accessibility.  With that being said, the attraction can be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to navigate without assistance, and since most of it is outdoors, expect uneven ground and a lot of work!  We offer assistance to those wanting it during your visit, please speak with one of our security staff if you'd like some help.  Every season we have visitors that make use of the fact that you can use wheelchairs to navigate the attraction.  We’ve had some great feedback as a result of our accessibility, and we take great pride in delivering a show that everyone can enjoy.

Under what conditions may you close the event prematurely, and how is my ticket handled?

It's extremely rare that we close the attraction, but there are a few reasons why we might:  Inclement weather (thunderstorms, tornadoes), security issues that may represent a threat to the general public, or safety issues that may be dangerous to guests (power problems, etc).   Our first and foremost goal is the safety of all of our guests, cast and crew.  In the unlikely event that we do have to close the attraction for one of these reasons, you will be invited back to finish your experience with us on any of the following operating nights that season.

Why do you stop ticket sales 1/2 hour before you close?

Ticket sales stop 30 minutes before closing to ensure that our guests all have a chance to experience all of our included attractions at least once on the night they attend.  Those 30 minutes allows us to sort out who has yet to experience which attraction and get them to the proper places before we shut down for the night.  We also have a commitment to our cast and crew to close on time - they are all human beings with jobs, school and other commitments the following days, and while they have a blast scaring you, they need to be able to rest and prepare for their following day.

How do I get tickets for your rides?

Due to limited availability and expected high demand, ride tickets are sold only at the ride themselves, and typically right before you board. Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted at the ride. Rides close at park close and waiting, unpaid riders will be turned away. It's recommended that you do not enter a ride line 30 minutes before park close as you are unlikely to get a chance to ride. Journeys End supports approximately 12 riders per hour, Shafted approximately 80 people per hour, and Rigged approximately 100 people per hour. With Shafted and Rigged, your group may be combined with another to maximize capacity and ensure everyone gets a chance to experience our rides.

I represent a radio to television station, newspaper, magazine or other media outlet.  How can I contact you?

Media inquiries can be sent to pr@circleofash.com.  Please note that the vast majority of our advertising decisions are made a full year in advance, however in-kind trades or sponsorships are considered year round.  Special appearances or requests to use our sets and scenes should be made with at least 10 business days of notice.