Halloween Homicide

Welcome to Crow Creek, an abandoned town long forgotten by the world.  There's still a few townspeople here, they mostly keep to themselves... except when they are threatened.  There's been a lot of that lately.  Don't say anything on account that we don't want outsiders to know what's been happening here, but apparently there's been a very serious murder.  The town deputy has no suspects and is asking anyone and everyone for help on solving the investigation.  Think you could help?  Maybe an outsiders view will help solve the case.

Halloween Homicide is an add-on that turns Circle of Ash into a giant murder mystery game!  Your add-on packet is just $10 and your entire group can play.  Search Crow Creek for clues, fill out the investigation reports, and solve the crime.  There may even be a few townspeople willing to help you along the investigation.  Purchase online or at the ticket booth, and pick up your investigation packet from the ticket booth to get started.