Follow the clowns and enter Pandemonium - our newest maze attraction!  Environmental effects like strobe lights and fog make this a very difficult maze to complete, and clowns don't like to help you at all.  Don't make a wrong turn, you'll be lost inside forever... with a bunch of clowns!

WARNING: This attraction is a real maze!  You WILL get lost!  You will be teased by the clowns!  It's filled with FOG, **loud** music, flashing lights, the characters are more offensive, and the ground may be soggy (is that blood?).  Pandemonium is a great(!) time, but we ask that you be aware of these features in case you're a total wuss.  We'd much prefer that you don't even go in than have to get one of the clowns or jesters to help you out of the maze because you're traumatized like a little child.  Whatever, fool.  Good luck.