Oct 18 & Oct 19, 2019 Parking Sponsorship

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What is the Circle of Ash Parking Sponsorship?

Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction is a popular event with need for dedicated parking lot staff.  This staff helps direct vehicles to parking spots, handles EMS and police response for the occasional accident, ensures safety, and answers a lot of questions about the Circle of Ash!

The Circle of Ash parking program is staffed by young men and women from the Cedar Rapids Police Explorers.  Cedar Rapids Police Explorers are young adults interested in law enforcement that gain real-world experience by working with police officers and serving their community.

What do I get when I purchase this sponsorship?

When you purchase a parking sponsorship, you are not only contributing to the success of the Cedar Rapids Police Explorers, but you are helping to create a fun, safe, and positive haunted event for everyone in our community. As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • Your logo on our printed materials*: Your logo or name on all paper printed materials (over 100,000 pieces distributed in Eastern Iowa!) including cowboy cards, posters and flyers, coupons, and more!
  • Your logo on our digital properties: Your logo or name on the sponsors page at CircleOfAsh.com and other digital locations as decided by Circle of Ash.
  • Display a vinyl banner at the haunt: A banner that you provide promoting your business, brand or message displayed for the entire 2019 season at Circle of Ash.  You must deliver the banner by Sept 15th, 2019.
  • Social Media Shout-Outs: Sponsors will be mentioned on our social media platforms during the season.  Circle of Ash has a very strong social media platform and reach thousands of people with every message we send.
  • Vendor Booth: Setup a vendor booth & table along the walking path that every single Circle of Ash customer walks by on the way to and from the attraction on the nights that you are sponsoring the parking program.   Electricity is available upon request.  Use this space to sell your products, promote your business, message, or cause!
  • Free Fast Pass Tickets: Receive 4 fast pass tickets PER NIGHT that you sponsor the parking program.  These tickets are valid for any 2019 season date.  You and your guests get to skip the line!

Reasons To Buy

As you can see, this is a very good value at a pretty small price.  As if you needed more reasons to participate, here’s a few more:

  • You can be the first and last brand people see when coming to and leaving the attraction!
  • Exposure to thousands of potential customers on site at the attraction.
  • Exposure to tens of thousands of potential customers though our attraction marketing.
  • Your sponsorship may be tax deductible!
  • Circle of Ash and the Cedar Rapids Police Explorers handle all the hard work!
  • Circle of Ash provides all signage, barriers, cones, safety vests, flashlights, and communications required to ensure guest and staff safety!

Buy Today!

You can purchase this sponsorship online using any major credit card, right here and right now.   Do you need to pay in cash or check?  Email info@circleofash.com as soon as possible to make payment arrangements.

$400.00Add to cart

*Note: In order to take advantage of this benefit, your sponsorship must be purchased before printed materials are submitted for production.