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Rigged, the Story

Mr. and Mrs. Foster were so successful with their mining business that they managed to bring buyers in from all over the area. The Fosters found that the mine was so successful that they needed to provided accommodations their many buyers. Mrs. Foster decided the only thing to do was to open a proper hotel. Crow Creek Caverns Hotel was opened in the summer of 1902, and it became something of a favorite oddity to visit for the wealthy around all the Midwest. Folks came from all over the Midwest to enjoy a night down in the plush cave hotel rooms. Mrs. Foster, never one to be idle, also began brewing her family whiskey and serving it to her admiring guests.

With prohibition act of 1920, Mrs. Foster continued to produce her whiskey, she just took it underground, and her guests kept coming. In no time at all most of the rooms were converted from proper bedrooms to dens, men and women from around the area would come, have their fill of Mrs. Foster's whiskey, and quietly sneak home. The only real challenge was getting in and out of the hotel. The authorities were on to their den; the regular bribes the Fosters paid only went so far. Mrs. Foster was an enterprising woman though, and she wasn’t about to give up something that she saw as her heritage and her duty. She decided to make a deal with the devil, of sorts. The local authorities were searching for a man. A man that came to Mrs. Foster’s hotel every month. He was wanted for murdering a man and his family in Chicago. He had fled to Iowa and quickly became the ringleader of a group of boys in the area, getting themselves in all sorts of trouble robbing the passerby on the main road and worse. Mrs. Foster didn’t like him one bit, so, when the sheriff came to her with a deal, she had to accept.

The plan was after a night of cards and drink down in the hotel Mrs. Foster would close up a bit early and send everyone on their way. Getting out of the Hotel was a regimented thing since it was important to leave without drawing attention. The sheriff would be waiting at the top of the elevator ready to arrest the gang.

What the sheriff didn’t tell Mrs. Foster, he planned on just killing them outright. The sheriff crawled into the elevator motor room and planned to stop the elevator mid ascent, and cut the cable. He saw this as killing two birds with one stone. Stop the gang, and shut down the Hotel for good. What the sheriff didn’t know was his own daughter, Ruby had taking a liking to one of the boys, and was with him that very night, on their way up and out of the hotel.

Unfortunately for the Sheriff, his plan worked, right at midnight, the motor started running. As he watched the cable run over the pulley, 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet, 400 feet, the elevator was almost topside. He flipped the emergency stop, and to work he and his boys went with their hacksaw. It took time to cut through a cable that thick. As he worked he could hear the boys in their death box, laughing a carrying on. They had no idea.

The boys the sheriff brought were just about through the cable. A huge groan was emitted by the few strands of steel, the only thing holding the elevators passengers afloat. The gang it seemed realized then that something was very wrong. They began shouting, in those shouts, to the sheriff’s horror, he heard Ruby’s panicked cry. He yelled for his men to stop, the elevator went silent, hearing him shout.

“Daddy?” Ruby cried out.

The cable gave a great groan, and snapped with a twang that haunted the dreams of the sheriff for the rest of his life.

Live the unfortunate end with a ride of your own on Rigged, the haunted elevator ride at Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction in Central City Iowa.

Rigged, because the higher we take you the farther you fall!

Rigged is a motion experience that has limited capacity.  Board with 6 or 7 other people and explore the Crow Creek Caverns Hotel.  Cost is just $5/person.  **Limited spots are available each night!**  Tickets are only available on site, first come, first served.