NOTICE: Due to weather situations outside of our control, this additional cost feature will not be available during the 2018 season.

A History of Shafted

In 1920 a farmer discovered and network of caves in the Wapsi Valley. That same farmer became a miner of his land shortly after he figured out that the rock in the caves was highly valuable. This man, Samuel Foster was the owner of Crow Creek Mining Company; fifty years later Crow Creek Mining was still going strong until a disaster struck. Ending the flourishing company run with an abrupt halt.

In 1952 the only shaft into the mine collapsed. That single hole was the only way in, and the only way out, Samuel Foster didn’t want anyone else down in those caves. On a bright day during the summer of 52’, 23 men went to work in the mine. And only one ever came out, Samuel himself. Leaving 22 soul's deep underground to what end, we don’t know. Samuel, refused to speak of what happened for the rest of his life. The people of the area thought the secret was lost with Samuel when he passed away.

But there was a breakthrough of sorts. After the flood of 08’ the Linn County Fair discovered a small hole in the ground, with a bit of asking around, they guessed it was the Crow Creek Mine Shaft opening that had collapsed during the disaster. Since it has been excavate the original mine opening was revealed. We’ve just recently been able to get access to the mine again. Now it’s up to you to go find out what happened to those men so long ago.

Do you dare go find out what happened? Board Shafted to find out what those miners felt, saw, and heard during their last terrifying moments. Our all new motion ride is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. It will be dark, it might be loud, and you might want to hold on tight. Just don’t scream too loudly, you might wake up whatever is down there.

Shafted is a motion experience that has limited capacity.  Board with 4 or 5 other people and experience your journey down to the cave network below.  Cost is just $5/person.  **Limited spots are available each night!**  Tickets are only available on site, first come, first served.